University of the Arts Helsinki's Brand Guide

The University of the Arts Helsinki, also known as Uniarts Helsinki, is a Finnish arts university that was launched in the beginning of 2013.

The University of the Arts Helsinki's brand identity guideline is very exhaustive, formal and well-thought. The brand guide includes:
  • Brand Description
  • Formal Signature
  • Signature Size, Alignments and Clear Space
  • Signature Correct Usage
  • Short Signature with/without lockup
  • Core Brand Colors
  • Typography (Primary and Alternative Fonts)
  • Photography Examples
  • Alternative Photo Techniques: B&W, Bitmap
  • Expressive Marks Examples
  • Logo Usage (Printed and Online)
  • Social Media Applications
  • Internal and External Signage Applications
  • Formal Application Examples
  • General Rules (Brand Identification Don'ts)
  • Editorial Standards

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