Market Intelligence

Ideal Customer Profiles

Prioritize & Organize Your Markets

Ideal customer profiles build a foundation for organizing your personas and visualizing key audience information within targeted groups.

  • Define: Create your ideal customer profiles and build Personas within.
  • Prioritize: Workshop with your team using our ranking methodology.
  • Summarize: See collective persona data grouped by ICP.


Instantly Know Your Audience

Great strategies are built on unbiased, detailed Persona data for influencers, interests, channels, and more.

  • Instant, Unbiased Data: Our AI helps you quickly build detailed personas in minutes.
  • Collaborate & Ask: Take notes and ask questions about your Personas.
  • Generate: Our AI gathers content, campaign, sales and offering insights for every Persona.


Analyze Your Competition

Compare and contrast, gather screenshots, analyze designs, summarize content and investigate technical details.

  • Compare: Score competitors on features, brand, offerings and more.
  • Analyze: Our AI provides instant analysis of design, writing and tone.
  • Get Technical: See your competitors core web vitals and tools they use on their sites.


Core Values

Define your guiding principles.

By pinpointing the right core values, you empower your team with a clear compass. This ensures that every hire aligns with your vision and that decisions made at every level resonate with the heart of your organization.

  • Workshop: Bring in your team to answer curated questions meant to inform building a great culture.
  • Generate: Our AI takes all your answers and uses a trained model to suggest the right core values.
  • Centralize: One source of truth that also serves to inform our insight creation.


Align & excite your team.

To get your team all aligned towards a common point on the horizon, use Vision to describe your future, a Mission to articulate how you will act each day to get there, and a Manifesto as a public declaration of the company’s values, beliefs, and intentions.

  • Workshop: Gather your team to answer curated questions to define your vision, mission and more.
  • Generate: A trained AI model utilizes answers to create you a powerful Vision.
  • Centralize: One source of truth that also serves to inform our insight creation.


Structure and position your offerings.

Effortlessly structure and document your products or services, complemented by AI-driven messaging. Eliminate barriers to understanding and keep potential customers engaged, preventing them from seeking alternatives.

  • Structure: Build your offering hierarchy for logical presentation and define key information.
  • Position: Our AI will help you create positioning for each offering.
  • Messaging: Use our AI to generate messaging for each of your offerings.


Value Propositions

Articulate a distinctive advantage.

Uncover and emphasize your singular market presence. Use Value Propositions as your north star, guiding both internal strategy and external messaging, ensuring your brand stands out compellingly.

  • Workshop: Our powerful collaborative workshop is built from a proven methodology to uncover true value propositions.
  • Generate: Leveraging your teams decisions, rankings and inputs, our AI delivers detailed value props.
  • Centralize: Your central source of truth for all messaging to be built from ensuring your unique position is infused in everything.

Brand Voice

Shape your brand’s unique voice.

By setting clear guidelines on Persona, Tone, Language, and Purpose, ensure that every communication reflects your brand’s ethos. This cohesive approach not only strengthens brand recognition but also ensures that your entire team projects a consistent and authentic image to your audience.

  • Workshop: Get your team together to find your persona, tone, language and purpose.
  • Define: Our AI will develop word clusters, voice definitions, do’s and dont’s based on your brand voice.
  • Inform: Create alternative brand voices and use them across all our AI writing.


Build your brand’s messaging blueprint.

Through positioning, build a foundation for all messaging based on value propositions and brand voice. Positioning is your source of truth, articulating the essence of what you do, why you do it, and how you stand apart.

  • Workshop: Our proven methodology gathers the right information from your team to create powerful positioning.
  • Define: Frictionless AI leverages your value propositions, brand voice and workshop responses to create positioning.
  • Align: A central source of truth used throughout your Frictionless account.


Define your look & feel.

Ensuring your visual identity aligns with your brand and messaging to provide your team a consistent source of truth. By defining your brand’s color palette, typography, and logo, you can ensure that every visual element reflects your brand.

  • Define: Catalog your colors, fonts and typography with ease..
  • Get Inspiration: Use our inspiration tool to create color and font options based on voice and keywords.



Your messaging source of truth.

With Frictionless, you can centralize your messaging, tag & filter, and use AI for smart rewrites.

  • Organize: Create a messaging library with easy filtering and favorites.
  • Rewrite: Leverage our AI for rewriting voice and structure.
  • Connect: Connect messages to personas, offerings, and campaigns across Frictionless.


Create great content.

We’ve developed a unique approach to content creation based in your target audience personas and following a structured process that produces better outcomes.

  • Be Inspired: Frictionless is always creating new content ideas based off personas and offerings.
  • Write: Our process of brief creation, outlining and sectional drafting helps produce much better articles.
  • Market: Create images and social posts in an instant with Frictionless AI.

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