Truly impactful strategic thinking and growth planning isn't always a reality.

Every leader and team member wants to be smarter about how they grow their business. The challenge is always time, money and resources. With Frictionless, you get the most powerful strategic frameworks in an online, collaborative platform.

Our goal is to democratize strategic planning.

Every single person in an organization should have the ability to either create or engage with their organization's growth strategy.

Get highly effective across marketing, sales & product development.

Evolve from planning every blue moon to making it second nature.

Build a team that is aligned towards common goals.

Onboard new team members with the right info at the right time.

Built on decades of real-world consulting and methodologies.

Our founder spent two decades building collaborative exercises, cherry-picking strategic methodology concepts, and evolving deliverables to be impactful. Our platform is an embodiment of that journey to perfect the approach to building smarter, more-useful strategy.

Integrated to actually connect the dots across your strategy.

A strategy is a sum of many parts. Hiring a consultant for this or that as well as following instructions in a book leave a lot of gaps and disconnected ideas. Frictionless was built to be progressive and connective to produce faster, more-valuable insights.

Generative AI to turn inputs into outcomes.

Our platform takes advantage of the rise in Artificial Intelligence to help gather unbiased insights at lightning speed as well as take your team's inputs combined with training the AI with our methodologies to produce big outputs in minutes.