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Our platform was built with large-scale enterprises in mind.

Manage your enterprise and develop more impactful strategies in the blink of an eye.

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Key Features

What are you looking to do?

  • Market Research  Detail & investigate ICPs, Personas & Competitors.
  • Strategic Workshops  Collaboratively engage clients for strategy.
  • Idea Automation  Get content, campaign and sales ideas instantly.
  • Content Creation  A unique and powerful methodology for writing.


With, Frictionless you can have a more aligned and inspired team.

  • How does Frictionless promote collaboration among different departments like marketing, sales, operations, and client success?
    Frictionless facilitates cross-departmental collaboration through virtual workshops and tools…

    That encourage synchronous and asynchronous communication, ensuring all teams are aligned with the company’s vision and strategies.

  • In what ways can Frictionless help break down silos between departments?
    By centralizing strategy and communication, Frictionless makes it easier for departments to share insights, updates, and resources…

    Promoting a culture of openness and integrated effort towards common goals.

  • Can Frictionless be used to conduct market research that benefits multiple departments?

    The Market Research feature enables teams to collaborate on investigating Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs), Personas, and Competitors, generating insights that are valuable not just for marketing, but also for sales, operations, and client success strategies.

  • How does the centralized workspace benefit our enterprise?
    The centralized strategic workspace of Frictionless…

    Allows for the management of your company’s brands in private and shared spaces, enhancing collaboration, ensuring everyone is aligned with the latest strategies and insights.

  • What kind of ideas can Frictionless generate for my brand?
    Frictionless is equipped to provide a continuous stream of ideas for campaigns, content, sales strategies, and offerings.

    Its growth-trained AI keeps your team inspired and ahead of industry trends.

  • Is there a learning curve associated with using Frictionless?
    While Frictionless is a robust platform, it is designed with user-friendliness in mind.

    Most users find the interface intuitive, and we offer extensive tutorials, resources and support to help teams get up to speed quickly.

  • What kind of support does Frictionless offer to its users?
    We offer comprehensive support including online tutorials, FAQs, live chat support…

    And a dedicated help desk to assist our users in leveraging the platform to its fullest potential.

  • How do I get started with Frictionless?
    Getting started is simple.

    Sign up for a free account or contact us through our website, and a member of our team will guide you through the setup process tailored to your team’s specific needs and objectives.

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