Key Components of a Customer Profile in 2024

Understanding how fast marketing moves has never seemed more challenging. With the way this new decade has gotten underway, understanding the personas that make up your customer and client audience – and building the ideal customer profile that attracts and retains their business – is vital.

Easier said than done? Not necessarily. Fundamentally, grasping the persona builder basics will give you everything you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Let’s dive deep into what makes up the personas shaping marketing in 2023 – and the proactive strategies your organization can take to best position yourself as the go-to solutions provider throughout.

How to categorize buyer personas in 2023

Generally speaking, your buyer persona builder strategy needs to only touch on a few factors to help you create the ideal customer profile. While everyone is different, there are common themes that bind us all – and these are the key elements of personality that your marketing needs to best speak to.

You can divide these personas into firmographic, demographic, and psychographic elements – and dive even deeper into doing so with the right customer profile software to hand. The Frictionless Persona Builder can be a great assistant for this task.

How to understand firmographic buyer personas

Creating the ideal customer profile often begins from the broader strokes, before fine-tuning down to the deeper details. In this regard, firmographic data shapes your personas well at the foundational, building-blocks level.

Firmographic persona builder strategies work by understanding the more B2B elements of your target audience. That’s as simple as considering the title of the individual you’re speaking to, their position within a given organization, and the industry to which that organization belongs.

At the top-down level, this makes perfect sense – you’re unlikely to run the same advertising to capture an automobile manufacturer’s attention as you would attract clients like hoteliers and restaurateurs.

But the vocation of your ideal customer profile also needs close consideration. Marketing for a higher-up in an organization’s corporate team will use completely different tones of voice, terminology, and calls to action than the marketing you’ll deploy to that same company’s IT department or blue-collar workforce.

How to understand demographic buyer personas

Demographics are often the building blocks of marketing personas, yet without the right customer profile software, it’s still easy to run afoul of simple mistakes that skew your stats and dampen the impact of your marketing tactics.

The secret is remembering the human element – the motivators behind the ideal customer profile. Never be shy in elevating your marketing personas from statistics on the page to deep, complex human beings with their own motivations and desires.

Demographics are the science of understanding the people behind those firmographic personas we just discussed. That’s as simple as breaking down those personas by gender and age group, but also considering where in the world they’re located and the motivators they feel due to cultural influences and upbringing.

Educational background, political leanings and personal philosophies often play a big part in understanding demographic personas too – something strong customer profile software helps you to decode with ease.

How to understand psychographic buyer personas

Perhaps the most intricate, intimate and oftentimes complex of all the persona builder sciences to understand are psychographic factors. These range in intensity and relative importance, but absolutely should never be ignored when formulating your ideal customer profile.

Psychographic personas, as the name suggests, take countless cues from the psychological motivations that we are all influenced by in our working and personal lives.

Yet likewise, there are also more emotive elements in play here that even the most steely and seasoned professional will react favorably to, if you weave it into your marketing strategy just right.

Psychographic personas are often flavored by the efficiency and satisfaction your clients feel in doing business day to day. Consider the pain points in their industry that your products solve, for example – or the motivations and buying factors shaped by how the business is faring in the wider economic space.

It’s here your more personalized and amicable marketing can really shine. Hone it in on who these people are – a family business has far more down-to-earth motivators than a multinational in the midst of a digitization strategy, for example.

The factors in 2023 shaping your clients’ personas

Understanding these client personas, and how effective customer profile software brings your organization that much closer to them, is a smart strategy.

However, truly mastering how to create the ideal customer profile means keeping in mind the broader backdrop against which your clients’ motivations play out. In other words, the events and factors of 2023 are shaping society and the world of business at large.


Perhaps the biggest specter hanging over us all since the 2020s began has been uncertainty. No personas have gone untouched by this sense of unease anywhere in the world – meaning any business who can demonstrate stability and security against the shifting tides of circumstance always have the most loyal client base.


It seems like, from politicians to Big Tech and everyone in between, more and more people we’re supposed to entrust ourselves to are quick to sell us out, let us down and go back on their word.

Consumers and businesses have developed a strong distaste for untrustworthiness, and with good reason. Show your company honors its promises and owns its mistakes, and your ideal customer profile will come back to you time and time again.


Time always seems pressing, and even the most experienced entrepreneurs aren’t interested in anything cumbersome or overwrought. It’s those businesses who streamline processes, minimize red tape and provide long-term solutions that take no time at all to set up that win customer personas of every kind.

Overall, even as the world seems ever more divided, there is also more than we all have in common than ever before. Building your ideal customer profile means touching on these universal human elements, and expanding on them through the effective use of customer profile software.