Always Working
For You

Frictionless automatically works behind the scenes to create new ideas.

Even when you don’t have the time to think strategically, Frictionless is for you.

Aligned To
Your Strategy

We turn your smarter strategy into powerful tactics.

Our AI is trained to turn detailed personas, positioning and more into impactful actions and insights.

Not Just Insights,

Content and campaign ideas turned into detailed solutions.

Simply take an insight – with related persona data – and create full articles and campaigns.

So Insightful

What does Frictionless deliver?

  • Content IdeasFrictionless uses Persona data to create content ideas that really align to audiences.
  • Campaign IdeasGet hyper-targeted campaigns delivered to you every day.
  • Competitor AnalysisOur platform analyzes design and content in an instant.
  • Offering InsightsGet ideas on your current offerings or even ideas for new ones.

Ask Anything

Ask questions of Frictionless.

Once you create Personas, ask Frictionless any question about them to get the answers to what you want to know.

  • What should i say in the first sales meeting?
  • Would they be interested in a demo or free-trial?
  • How could i catch their attention at a confernce?
  • What is their number one issue in 2024?

Got a question, just ask.

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The Frictionless Insight Engine.

  • Can I customize the insights generated by Frictionless?
    Absolutely. Our platform is built to adapt.

    You can tailor the insights based on your specific needs and strategy, ensuring relevance and direct applicability to your campaigns and audience engagement efforts. Additionally, the insights grow and refine with your continued use of Frictionless.

  • What factors impact Insights? 
    Insights generated by Frictionless are impacted by a variety of factors, including your specific business goals and strategies, the data collected and analyzed by our AI, and external market trends and dynamics.

    Our platform takes all these factors into account to deliver relevant, actionable insights that align with your overall marketing strategy. Additionally, as you continue to use Frictionless and provide feedback, the insights become even more tailored and effective. Frictionless is a constantly evolving engine that ensures your marketing efforts are always optimized for success.

  • What makes Frictionless different from other insight engines?
    Our unparalleled AI analysis capabilities, combined with a deep understanding of marketing dynamics, set Frictionless apart.

    We don’t just supply data; we provide actionable insights crafted to your specific strategic framework, propelling your marketing efforts forward.

  • Is there a support team available in case I encounter issues or have questions?
    Absolutely. We provide both live chat and email support services.

    Our dedicated support team is here to assist with any questions and resolve any issues promptly, ensuring Frictionless is always optimized for you.