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Core Information

Create Your First Personas

Create Your First Competitors

What is Frictionless?

Get an introduction to your new growth platform.


Use AI to define your target audiences in detail.


Compare differences between you and competitors.


Create your unique market positioning statements.

Brand Voice

Define a brand voice and key language.


Gather messages and rewrite in your voice with AI.


Configurable templates for smarter marketing strategy.


Focus on selected tacics to be effective.

Welcome Frictionless, An AI-Driven Platform To Help You Scale

With Frictionless, you can create a powerful strategy for growth.

Get going fast with our quick start tool:

Quick Start
Step 2 Define Your Target Audience

Understanding your audience deeply is the foundational step to developing a growth strategy.

Use our Persona builder to identify your various audiencs and then document detailed information about them using our Frictionless AI.

Build Personas

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Step 3 Analyze Your Competitors

A clear view of stregths and weaknesses between you and competitors is a key step in developing messagign and strategies that will be more effective.

Analyze Competitors
Step 4 Develop A Unique Position

Utilize your audience and competitor information to define valu propositions and positioning statements that serve as the core of your messaging across channels.

Develop Your Positioning
Step 5 Define Your Brand Voice

Utilize our brand voice tool to clarify your brand's persona, tone, language and purpose.

Develop Your Brand Voice
Step 6 Create & Rewrite Messaging In Your Brand Voice

Develop a library of messages that can be used across marketing and sales.

Develop Your Messaging
Step 7 Build Your Growth Playbook

Utilize our playbook templates as a foundation to build your own custom strategy across the full revenue funnel.

Build Playbooks
Step 8 Plan Your Growth Tactics

Take the tactics outlined in your playbook and dig into to strategize and plan in detail.

Manage Tactics Planner

    Use Persona Buying Factors To Create Your Value Propositions

    What makes you unique, your value propositions, can be built from identifying and prioritizing audience buying factors and then measuring against competitors to find the three to four with the greatest delta.

    Manage Personas

    Create A Detailed Comparison Of Competitor Product Features To Plan Your Roadmap

    When working on your product roadmap, its important to have a deep, true and unbiased analysis of all the features your competitors have.

    Manage Comparisons

    Frictionless is better together.

    Invite co-workers or other users so you can collaborate on your strategy.

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